Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pretend Drivers License Template My Girlfriend Lost Her License For A DUI She DIdnt Get What Is Going On??? PLEASE HELP?

My girlfriend lost her License for a DUI She DIdnt get What is going on??? PLEASE HELP? - pretend drivers license template

One after another ... Well, my girlfriend was arrested last week in a park with children affected by a drunk in public Zanic, but this was not drunk he was perscribed it. Well, when the police officer arrested for DIP and with a suspended license for DUI Punishment February 24, 2008th Well, that's the problem, my girlfriend has just given birth, a baby of 06 Koran, which is 2008 from the recovery. He called the DMV and the DMV, said the license was suspended today for a DUI in February, she said she never had a DUI in February requested a number and county in the arrest said the Ventura County and gave the number to the courthouse. She called the court and the record of 6 times and did nothing. Nothing under your name or driver's license has even said that this was not the number of cases of Ventura. I wrote the number on the website of the courts of Ventura, Los Angeles, and nothing happened, said no record. What can the DMV says in contact with the courts and the courts say, in contact with the DMV. That's too bad, because ithas a battle for custody in court Thursday and may lose her child. I think someone had his old identity cards, which last year lost and claimed to be used. UHHHH

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Get some of the court (s) stating they have # no history of this case. Once you have that, you should obtain a copy and send the original to DMV so they can lift the suspension or the ticket.

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