Saturday, February 13, 2010

Red Yeast Rice Side Effectsside Effects Can Red Yeast Rice Cause ED And Loss Of Sex Drive?

Can red yeast rice cause ED and loss of sex drive? - red yeast rice side effectsside effects

I began taking the red yeast rice for three weeks (600 mg twice daily), and last week I have noticed a significant decline in my sexual appetite and had trouble getting an erection that s This has never happened before (before the Taking RyR could get an erection just thinking about sex). I checked online and it seems that RYR in a class of statins, which did not lead, sexual problems in some men. RyR know it is very powerful and my colleagues who obtained their total and bad cholesterol at least 30% after only two months. But it killed my sex life, not to mention the possible side effects long term. Anyone who has had similar experiences or know what the side effects are long term?


Greg said...

You could try Viagra, but I'll tell you what, it sucks. Side effects are terrible. Have you ever tried a sexual enhancer? I was in his situation, as I said, has tried Viagra, but nothing for me was taking into account the side effects makes overwhelm the fun. I have this extraction of natural herbs and thought what the heck, if it's natural to be big, and he said he has no side effects. I tried it and after two days of the decision, it was like crazy hot. Every time I want to stay the same erections and orgasms are for. The material is VigRX Plus, and took the time Hugh, you should check. I like the fact that there is actually a mixture of herbs, the researchers seem to do the trick for me atleast.

Good luck and I hope that helps.

Connor said...

Have you ever thought of taking the pill?
If you read the impact of the sexual side, I must say, yes, it has side effects. However, to stop if you do not like the side effects of taking the pill.
If you need to lower your cholesterol, then it is something that your doctor may recommend no negative side effects.


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